The Starry Pendulum

The inspiration for the Starry Pendulum clock is also from the Michael Endes book "Momo".
There Professor Secundus Minutius Hora takes little Momo to the place where time origins:

An enormous golden dome in which the starry pendulum swings back and forth on the hour. At the end of each excursion a magnificant flower blooms and then dries up as soon as the pendulum moves away from it again. But on the opposite side an even more beautiful flower blooms as the pendulum approaches it. All the while the pendulum turns slightly, so that from hour to hour other flowers bloom and dry up. Every person has such a starry pendulum in his heart, and the hour-lillies are part of every individual.

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Based on this figure, we designed the Starry Pendulum clock:

At first glance the Starry Pendulum is a normal table 70cm (27.5") in diameter,
with 4 feet and a top which looks like a mirror.

On closer inspection one discovers that there is one point where you can see through the reflecting table top, because the compartment beneath (on the perimeter of the round table top) is illuminated. Every hour during the day has its compartment, and the owner of the table can fill the 24 compartments with things that have meaning to him or her. With hour-lillies of course, but also with beautiful stones, photos, miniatures,...

The Starry Pendulum clock becomes something individual to its owner.

If you look even closer, you will see a small point of light that twinkles like a star and very slowly by the minute moves away from the illuminated compartment towards the opposite edge of the table top. As soon as it reaches the other end, the light in the previous compartment goes out and the new compartment is illuminated for the coming hour.

Lifting the spyglass tabletop reveals the 24 hour compartments as well as the technology for the twinkling, oscillating and rotating star:

The 24 hour compartments are arranged around the perimeter of the table.
Inside you can see 60 white light emitting diodes which make up the twinkling star and its motion. These are attached to a virtually noiseless motor that guides the path of the star to each of the 24 hour compartments within the span of a 24 hour day.

The entire Starry Pendulum clock is maintenance-free. Not even the lamps have to be changed, since the Starry Pendulum uses only the most modern, bright white LEDs (life expectancy 10...100 years).

The Starry Pendulum clock is offered at a price of 4700€.


Read the time of day as follows:

a) The position of the twinkling star indicates the minutes

b) Each illuminated compartment represents an hour.
In addition the hour (e.g. . 15") is indicated by a small digital display
          next to whichever compartment is currently illuminated.


The Starry Pendulum clock can be seen at the following locations:

Edgar- und Michael-Ende Exhibition, Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, 2/24/2001 to 4/22/2001
Kunsthaus Hahn, Apostelnstr. 12, 50667 Köln, Tel. 0221 9259340
Villa Vogelsang - Hotel im Park, Antonienallee 1, 45279 Essen
(we are seeking another 5 galleries or so in other cities)

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This creative realization of Michael Endes' Starry Pendulum is under patent consideration by the German Patent Office under File 100 55 339.7. Use of the intellectual property of Michael Ende is with the kind permission of the Thienemann-Verlag.



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